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At Eocene Environmental Group, We Help Producers Meet Sustainability Goals.

At Eocene Environmental Group, we showcase agriculture as a climate solution. Our agronomists, environmental scientists, animal scientists and agricultural engineers partner with you to find creative, quantifiable solutions to improve your ecological footprint.

We look at the full spectrum of environmental impacts, including soil health, water quality, carbon sequestration, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. We work globally with more than 45 crop species and livestock systems like dairy, pork, poultry and beef.

About Eocene Environmental Group

How We Serve the Agriculture Industry

Our independent EcoPractices® platform provides measurable solutions for sustainability goals and initiatives along the supply chain.

Solutions include:

  • Data collection, verification and reporting.
  • Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plans™ (SCIP).
  • R3™ ROI tool.
  • Data service API.

Environmental Data Analysis & Quantification

Our sustainability risk management team can help you navigate the complexities of meeting your corporate sustainability goals with services tailored to your organization’s needs and industry-specific frameworks, goals and reporting standards.

Sustainability Risk Management

Our conservation engineering and environmental compliance team assists with conservation and watershed surveys and designs. They specialize in edge-of-field and in-field conservation practices, wetland developments, watershed inspection and design and livestock waste management systems.

Conservation Engineering & Environmental Compliance Services

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To learn more about our environmental services and how we can help your company, send us a message today! Our team of experts is ready to help.

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