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Electric Utilities

At Eocene Environmental Group, We Partner with Electric Utilities for a Range of Needs.

Two Eocene employees stand on the side of a roadway near a series of power lines

Eocene Environmental Group works alongside utilities to solve the problems the industry faces today and in the future, as climate and energy demands change. We perform a range of services to maintain the integrity of your infrastructure, steward the surrounding environment, increase your efficiency and provide a higher return on investment. We share utilities’ values of sourcing energy renewably, staying compliant with regulations, and holding the highest safety standards for employees and contractors.

About Eocene Environmental Group

Supporting Every Step of the Utility Construction Process

At Eocene Environmental Group, we’re well-equipped to provide the planning and consulting services you need to launch your electric utility installation project. We’ll help you create management plans, assess vegetation, conduct feasibility studies and apply for permits.

Our team will be your partner in managing risks and helping with your concerns as they arise throughout the construction process. We’ll conduct environmental analyses and inspections to ensure your project follows regulatory guidelines and sustainable practices.

Once your electric utility infrastructure is built, we’ll shift our focus to revitalizing the surrounding area. We provide services like long-term revegetation monitoring and are dedicated to improving the overall environmental health of the region.

How We Serve the Industry

Creating an inventory of your necessary forestry management work is key for utilities charged with managing plant communities, including trees and associated plants. Planning with our consulting foresters enhances the relationship and communication between the public and your organization regarding your goals.

Management Planning Services

An accurate tree inventory is crucial to making informed vegetation management decisions for your utility. By collecting information on species, condition, size and risk, among other factors, our team provides reporting customized to your program. Eocene is dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology, industry best management practices and a knowledgeable team ready to help.

Tree Inventory Services

Through our risk assessment program, we can identify, assess and prioritize vegetation that may pose an unacceptable level of risk to your electric infrastructure. We work with you to develop mitigation solutions to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. If you need advice before starting work, we’d love to help.

Risk Assessment Services

We perform a wide spectrum of permitting, documentation and agency coordination services. Our team is deeply knowledgeable about the range of local, state and federal environmental regulations and will help you navigate the process.

Planning and Permitting Services

Utilities can tap into our wide knowledge of environmental analysis and reporting. We have the tools and expertise for a variety of modeling, reporting, surveys, assessments, testing and inventories.

Environmental Analysis Services

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If you’re interested in more information on our services and how we can help your electric utility company, we want to hear from you! Reach out to the experts at Eocene Environmental Group today.

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