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Eocene Environmental Group Is Committed to Collectively Working Toward Our Mission.

Our employees are the heartbeat of our company. Get to know some of our team members, read their stories, and learn how their unique path got them to where they are today.

Carrie Roever headshot

Meet Carrie Roever

Director of Sustainability Risk Management

Unfamiliar Stomping Grounds: From Elephants to Agriculture

With an unconventional career trajectory – starting with elephants and landing in agriculture – Carrie Roever’s path to Eocene looks much different than that of her peers.

Carrie’s lifelong dream was to study African elephants, and she spent much of her early career studying ecology and trying to get closer and closer to elephant studies. “In ecology, the more charismatic animals are difficult to work with because the positions are coveted by so many,” Carrie shares. She started by studying birds, then got experience with bats, then she moved to deer, then foxes, black bears, and grizzly bears. “Once I had experience with one charismatic large mammal, it made it much easier to transition to another.” In 2010, Carrie was accepted into a Ph.D. position at the University of Pretoria in South Africa to study African elephant habitat selection.

“It was a dream come true, and one of the highlights of my career,” said Carrie.

After her PhD studying elephants, she took a postdoctoral position where she studied the habitat selection patterns of cattle in eastern Oregon – a career move she admits was driven mostly out of necessity because schooling and travel had left her a little short on cash. She uses the word ‘refreshing’ to describe her first exposure working in the ag sector. “Wildlife work can often feel like swimming against a current. Much of my time was spent trying to convince others as to why they should care about species A/B/C. But with farmers, they already cared because they were trying to do right by their land. Farmers also have the power to make changes that very same day … without the hurdles and years of paperwork and legislation that can accompany public lands. Because of that, I found working with farmers very rewarding, and so I stuck around.”

Then in November 2021, Carrie started her career with Sustainable Environmental Consultants, now our sustainability division, after the late founder John Harsch recruited her. Despite her career path upon hire being a little unclear, she recalls John’s generosity and kindness in those uncertain times. “The people really make an organization, so I felt I couldn’t go wrong.”

A few months into her position, Carrie was assigned a greenhouse gas accounting project where she combined her skills of quantification, ecology and science communication, and that’s where all the pieces fell into place. Not only was she able to play around with data and spreadsheets to calculate greenhouse gas emissions but she was also able to sit down with farmers to explain what it all meant.

“Climate change is likely going to be one of the greatest challenges we will face in my lifetime, and my work with Eocene feels like it is making a difference.”

Highlighting Individuals Throughout Eocene

Carson Miller

ESG Specialist

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, you can’t escape agriculture. Carson Miller’s grandparents were farmers and ranchers, she had many classmates who lived on farms, and her town was surrounded by corn and bean fields.


Chris Deyerle

Consulting Utility Forester

The world is your oyster, once you step foot outside the office. While business travel can often be seen as a lonesome part of any job, when you’re Chris Deyerle, it’s all about embracing the opportunity – and the opportunity will only arise if you take advantage of it.


Everett Bassett

Archaeologist Supervisor

One of the original employees of Transcon Environmental, now our environmental division, archaeologist supervisor Everett Bassett has maintained the role of the organization’s cultural resource.


Larkin McCormack

Vice President, Business Development

With the support of the company, Larkin McCormack is able to combine her career in environmental planning with her interest and passion in paleontology, which in turn, created a whole new service line that Eocene offers its clientele.


Mark Pritchard

Senior Applications Developer

Mark Pritchard, a senior applications developer, saw the potential for growth and career opportunities when he was hired in 2014 as a developer for Wright Service Corp., our parent company.


Jeff Davis

Vice President, Business Development

Possessing the longest tenure of all employees within our environmental division, previously Transcon Environmental, vice president of business development Jeff Davis helped build the company from the ground up, including establishing client bases, setting the standards for quality, developing resource programs processes, and establishing the company’s culture of being problem solvers and service-centered.


Joe Tuvell

Consulting Utility Forester

Joe Tuvell knew he wanted to work outdoors in nature and among wildlife ever since the summer before he started high school. Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Joe was an Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America program.


Matt Fischer

Regional Compliance Manager

What initially drew Matt Fischer to the industry was the ability to work outdoors and travel around the U.S. to beautiful locations and national parks, like Zion and Bryce Canyon. A zoology and animal biology major in college, he spent time as a seasonal avian technician for a professor where he conducted bird surveys along the Great Salt Lake and has been hooked on wildlife biology and bird watching ever since.


Nibo Urzua-Hermosilla

Technology Consultant

Being employee owned, unique and fast growing, mentorship opportunities, and career development is what Nibaldo Urzua-Hermosilla values in Eocene Environmental Group. Nibaldo, Nibo for short, was impressed with the company from the start when he found out that many of the company executives originally started working in entry-level field positions, just like he did.


Samantha Bretz

Senior Environmental Specialist

Agriculture is a way of life for Samantha Bretz. Her earliest memory recalls wanting to work in agriculture. It’s true to her roots and what she’s always known. Living and breathing ag, Samantha grew up in southwest Kansas on a family farm that grew wheat and milo. And throughout her career, she has stayed true to what she knows – with much success.


Selyn Ung


New to the industry and her inaugural post-college role, Seyln Ung was initially drawn to the Terra Spectrum Technologies team, now our technology and innovation division, because of the passion she could feel during the interview process with the team.


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