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Meet Carson Miller

Carson Miller

ESG Specialist

A Career of Innovation and Global Impact

Growing up in a small town in Iowa, you can’t escape agriculture. Carson Miller’s grandparents were farmers and ranchers, she had many classmates who lived on farms, and her town was surrounded by corn and bean fields. However, she had no interest in the agriculture industry. But with a little time and some life experience, her interests were altered, and Carson was launched into a career with endless opportunities to impact the world.

At age 16, Carson jumped at the chance to go to an international school. She started working on the school farm where she engaged in environmental science and global politics courses. Her passion for sustainability and agriculture grew, and the more she learned, the more she realized that agriculture is a hub of innovation and provides opportunities for global positive impact.

Fast forward a few years, Carson began studying international agriculture and rural development at Cornell University in New York, and she eventually joined Sustainable Environmental Consultants, now our sustainability division, as an agronomy intern in 2022 doing mostly data collection and processing work, then later moved into an environmental, social and governance (ESG) intern, focusing on food industry clients. Transitioning to her role as an ESG specialist in 2023, she was given the chance to serve as an account and project manager for several clients across the agriculture and food industries.

When searching for the company that would be the right fit to start her career, she knew she wanted to operate in a consulting capacity, enjoying the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and help them solve problems. Carson recalls, “I was fascinated by the idea of a bottom-up approach to sustainability, where farms are put first. Every day I get the chance to advocate for farms and producers and help them take ownership of their data, all while providing aggregations and support for larger corporations in the agriculture and food industry. Eocene takes the idea of shared responsibility for sustainability seriously, and I wanted to be part of that.”

Carson now spends her days helping clients take the proper credit for the good work they do in sustainability. She reminisces about the common ‘aha’ moments that she sees many clients having when working with her and her team. “A client becomes disenchanted with the ideas of ESG or has felt way behind in the sustainability race but we work to get them to a point where they finally see their data processed and presented and they realize that they are already implementing sustainable practices and just needed someone like us to help showcase their sustainability efforts for them.”

And while the industry didn’t originally inspire Carson growing up, her tune has changed. “I’m surrounded by talented, passionate people who have common goals and motivations. The company encourages collaboration and builds out efficiencies that will support our clients. We have the chance to innovate and make the global positive impact in the environmental services industry.”

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