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Meet Chris Deyerle

Chris Deyerle

Consulting Utility Forester

Traveling with Gratitude

The world is your oyster, once you step foot outside the office. While business travel can often be seen as a lonesome part of any job, when you’re Chris Deyerle, it’s all about embracing the opportunity – and the opportunity will only arise if you take advantage of it. And for Chris, it’s been anything but lonesome.

Growing up, Chris was like other kids and enjoyed playing outside. But Chris’ interests looked up – to the tops of trees where he enjoyed watching tree workers in his neighborhood go sky-high in bucket trucks and climb trees as they pruned them. When he started his professional career, he entered the tree industry and worked his way from a groundsperson to a bucket operator and then to equipment operator, where he ran a Right-of-Way (ROW) mower and a mobile tree trimming vehicle. Fast forward two decades and Chris’s career with CNUC, now our forestry & utility division began, and his love for work travel was instilled.

Hired as a traveling field specialist for CNUC, Chris seized the opportunity to travel throughout the regions in his division and beyond, including trips to Indiana, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, Iowa and Ohio. “Being able to travel to different areas of the U.S. not only has provided me with incredible views and ample time enjoying the outdoors, but I’ve also been able to work alongside our exceptional team, from the corporate and executive levels to our dedicated field staff,” says Chris. “It’s been an incredible journey.”

In June 2023, Chris was nominated to attend the organization’s week-long leadership training program based on his potential as a future leader. The experience opened Chris’ eyes to the core values of the company. “I still think about some of the conversations I had that truly opened my eyes to what a great company we work for and the support we have,” recalls Chris. He remembers seeing the executive team interact with employees during his week in Iowa and feeling a sense of amazement by it.

“I’ve learned so much in my travels, but one thing that reigns supreme is the family atmosphere and seeing how our company executes our core values every day,” says Chris. “I’m deeply appreciative of the wonderful relationships fostered with our clients during my trips, and the seamless integration of state- of-the-art equipment and technology that has enriched our endeavors. Gratitude fills me as I reflect on the privilege of exploring our expansive territory.”

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