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Meet Everett Bassett

Everett Bassett

Archaeologist Supervisor

Mentoring Through Growth, Expansion and Change

One of the original employees of Transcon Environmental, now our environmental division, archaeologist supervisor Everett Bassett has maintained the role of the organization’s cultural resource. He sought the opportunity to work for the company so he could conduct research in the U.S. and be close to home, while simultaneously helping clients who had problems he could help solve. As the years passed, Everett continued in his role, with the company’s growth eventually offering more varied, larger and geographically expansive opportunities. “I enjoy identifying, recording, interpreting and protecting resources as we assist our clients with their projects.”

He had industry knowledge and long-term experience in the field, making himself valuable in tribal support, writing proposals, reviewing contract deliverables and managing agency consultation.

Everett has always been fascinated by experiencing other cultures and interpreting past behaviors based on the archaeological record. He recalls, “Early in my career, I lived with native populations and conducted archaeological research in Egypt, Sudan, Australia, Mesoamerica, United Kingdom and South America, and I taught at universities.”

Being with the company much of his career, Everett has seen the growth and evolution of the company. He originally sought out the opportunity because it allowed him to consistently work in new parts of the service area, within different environments, experiencing different resources, and meeting new people. Everett reflects, “It’s interesting to observe how we have begun growing logarithmically during the last few years, performing services and working in regions we never would have imagined in the early years.”

His longevity and tenure with the company has made Everett’s legacy one that many would describe as a passion for mentorship. “I enjoy helping my colleagues address unique problems and arriving at innovative solutions. My mentorship lies in client and agency interpersonal relations, where these more traditional approaches complement the high-tech skills younger staff bring into the company.”

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