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Meet Larkin McCormack

Larkin McCormack

Vice President, Business Development

With the support of the company, Larkin McCormack is able to combine her career in environmental planning with her interest and passion in paleontology, which in turn, created a whole new service line that Eocene offers its clientele. “I feel grateful that I’ve had our company’s support in expanding the services we offer to include paleontological resources,” says Larkin who joined the Transcon
Environmental team, now our environmental division, in the summer of 2021. “Being given the chance to develop the paleontology program for the company has been a very rewarding experience.” Larkin and the team have successfully completed paleontological surveys and monitoring projects, with their work mitigating impacts to significant paleontological resources.

In the workplace, Larkin is described by her colleague Lindsey Evenson as “always being a positive thinker, smiling brightly and having a very unique skillset that makes her a key contributor to the

With a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s degree in geological and earth sciences, Larkin began her career as a paleontologist in 2016 where she spent several weeks in the field, prospecting for and excavating fossils in remote southern Utah. “I loved the work so much I wanted to figure out how to turn it into a career.” Having a diverse skillset with paleontology, planning and project management, Larkin joined the company as an environmental planner, specifically a geographic information system (GIS) position, and worked her way up to project manager, and later the manager of one of the company’s largest transmission line projects. “This field has turned out to be a great fit for me because it combines many of my interests. I work on a diverse range of projects and tasks allowing me to constantly be growing and learning.”

“One of my favorite things about my job is working alongside such a talented team,” says Larkin. “I’m constantly learning from my coworkers. My experience has been great, and has been incredible for professional growth, while doing something interesting and meaningful to me.”

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