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Meet Mark Pritchard

Mark Pritchard

Senior Applications Developer

Mark Pritchard, a senior applications developer, saw the potential for growth and career opportunities when he was hired in 2014 as a developer for Wright Service Corp., our parent company. In 2022, Mark transitioned within the organization to work for Terra Spectrum Technologies, an affiliate company of Wright Service Corp. that now operates as our technology and innovation division where he concentrates primarily on reporting and data integration.

“I really enjoy the opportunity to work directly with the utilities as well as field employees,” says Mark. “Each utility is different and has a wide range of business needs and requirements so accommodating this is never dull. I always try to look at current processes and identify ways to make these more efficient and streamlined, thus, eliminating manual processes and providing the utility members and field employees guidance to automate and validate their work interactively and quickly.”

Prior to working for Eocene, Wright Service Corp. and Terra Spectrum Technologies, Mark taught high school mathematics at an American school overseas in Italy. As part of his certification to teach mathematics at the high school level, he took a computer science class, so this was his first taste of that discipline. During his time in Italy, he was approached by an Italian company who asked him if he would be interested in computer programming for their company, which was his start in the computer science world. He was sent to IBM training courses in Milan and remained with that company for almost 10 years and learned as much as he could about mainframe programming.

Transitioning into the technology and innovation division, Mark feels like he has set roots within the organization and has found his niche in the industry.

“The company continues to grow and embrace new technologies as we expand our vision,” says Mark. “I enjoy being a part of this company and look forward to developing even more ways to enhance the working relationship we have with our clients.”

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