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Compliance Inspections

Eocene Environmental Group Ensures Regulatory Excellence Through Our Compliance Inspection Services.

Two Eocene employees wearing bright vests and hard hats stand near the side of a road and analyze data on a digital tablet

Hiring a professional compliance inspection team is vital to ensure compliance with environmental permits, mitigate risks, and avoid legal consequences. Eocene Environmental Group is an experienced provider of construction compliance inspections and monitoring services, regularly serving in both first-party and third-party roles.

Work with an Experienced Team of Inspectors

Our team of inspectors understands how to manage compliance inspection activities effectively and successfully on large construction projects. We specifically understand important aspects of construction work, including:

  • Construction timing and sequencing.
  • Construction methods.
  • Typical disturbance associated with different activities.
  • Steep terrain construction methods and techniques.
  • Reclamation activities.
  • Schedules.

First-Party Inspection & Monitoring

For first-party monitoring, Eocene’s environmental inspectors and certified biologists, archaeologists, paleontologists and stormwater inspectors work with crews and agency staff daily to keep all stakeholders informed and construction progressing.

There are several benefits to first-party monitoring including protection and avoidance of sensitive resources. For example, our archaeologists often encounter unanticipated discoveries on projects. They have the experience and expertise to quickly identify the important components for avoidance, develop a strategic approach to protect the resource and conduct any necessary treatment of the site while still allowing crews to continue construction and maintain project schedules.

Third-Party Inspection & Monitoring

We provide third-party compliance inspection services on thousands of miles of transmission lines. Our team was invited to assist the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) with construction compliance inspection on two of the most high- profile natural gas pipeline projects in the U.S., along with two rebuilds. We have also worked with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to help train realty specialists.

Our inspection and monitoring services support assist projects in each phase of the process. We regularly perform:

  • Daily inspection and monitoring on behalf of the agency.
  • Daily and weekly compliance and construction status reports.
  • Daily and weekly meetings with the proponent, contractor and agencies.
  • Guidance and inspection for reclamation activities.
  • Collection and review of all permits associated with the project.


Maintaining a safe working environment is critical for project success and is a pillar on which Eocene is built. Eocene’s environmental division has worked on hundreds of projects and has had no accidents or man-hours lost to work-related accidents throughout our 20+ year history. We take pride in our safety record and are committed to contributing to the safety of our projects and of the public.

Three Eocene employees wearing hard hats and bright vests examine the surrounding environment while looking at data on a digital tablet and laptop

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