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Forestry & Utility

Eocene Environmental Group Helps Utilities and Urban Forests Maintain Compliance and Safety.

Forests are interwoven into the fabric of the landscapes that surround us. Eocene Environmental Group’s forestry and utility division began with dependable, safe and high-quality utility vegetation management (UVM) services, and it continues to focus on helping you maintain compliance and keep your communities safe.

Over time, we’ve kept true to our roots but have expanded our scope to make supporting environmental well-being and preserving our planet’s systems an essential focus. We are equipped with forestry and arboriculture experts to help meet the needs of these communities today and to conserve those resources for the generations to come.

Forestry & Utility Services We Offer

UVM Services

Urban & Community Forestry

Forest Management

Compliance Vegetation Inspections

Our Expertise

While we’re inspired by experts and scientists in our industry, we know that we employ them too. Eocene offers professionalism that is unmatched in our industry. Our accolades speak for themselves, but they are also worth mentioning. We partner with regional and national industry associations in research, environmental stewardship and pilot programs to lead change. Our team is among the key players in creating industry standards, regulations and vegetation best management practices — and we’re proud to share our expertise.

A Culture of Industry Leadership

We have team members who have written the definitive texts on urban forestry and utility arboriculture, formed best management practices on integrated vegetation management for the International Society of Arboriculture and co-authored best management practices for tree management during site development and construction. Our industry involvement allows us to serve our communities and the organizations within to further develop the industry itself as well as our employees development. We have employees who serve on review committees for The TREE Fund and utility tree risk assessment best practices, as well as on the Accredited Standards Committee of the American National Standard for Tree, Shrub and Other Woody Plant Management.

Our Partnership

Eocene has the unique ability to balance the critical contributions of trees as well as their indispensable benefit, whether they are along streets, in a park or near electric power supply lines. When you pair our unique perspective and educated workforce, you can expect our partnership to meet goals and achieve compliance. Eocene stands for longevity, where our dedicated experts can lead change, meet your goals and focus on the horizon while still being rooted in the history that has come before us.

Just as our namesake displays, we take inspiration from the modern forest where we continue to learn from inspiring experts and scientists to gain a more profound comprehension of how Earth and its inhabitants adapted in the past to a changing world.

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Want to learn more about our forestry and utility services? Reach out to our team of environmental experts, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide more details.

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