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Compliance Vegetation Inspections

Eocene Environmental Group Is an Experienced Partner in Upholding Compliance and Navigating Regulatory Requirements.

We know you must uphold environmental laws and regulations for safety, and we have the experience to help you maintain this compliance. At Eocene Environmental Group, we have helped our partners navigate regulations for decades. We have experience working with federal, state and provincial regulators, and each compliance inspection our team performs adheres to the appropriate agency’s requirements to ensure vegetation meets or exceeds standards.

Eocene’s Compliance Vegetation Inspection Services

Our services include:

Vegetation Safety Around Power Lines

Our inspectors examine trees, vegetation and utility poles to ensure proper clearance between trees and power lines. When clearance does not meet the requirements in place, our team works with you to provide a risk assessment and recommend next steps.

We are abreast of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and know the ins and outs of agency and geographic requirements for minimum clearance between trees and both distribution and transmission power lines. The team at Eocene has the training to identify trees that could potentially become out of compliance and have them worked proactively.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of utility vegetation management (UVM) related laws and regulations so we are positioned to ensure your program is meeting regulatory requirements. From supporting your fire or storm-hardening efforts to the review or creation of a Transmission Vegetation Management Program (TVMP), Eocene brings its detailed knowledge of the regulatory environment to assist your program.

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