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Railroad Risk Tree Inspections

Let Eocene Environmental Group’s Safety-Focused Team of Experts Mitigate Your Risk.

Mitigating the risk of trees along railroads requires experts who understand tree risk assessment. Eocene Environmental Group’s assessment process has the goal to minimize tree failure that could cause property damage, injury or loss of the movement of trains along the railway. Safety is always our number-one focus, and we carry that focus with us in the work that we do. We have a commitment to protecting your infrastructure and equipment.

Your Partner in Strategic Tree Risk Mitigation

Assessing tree risks and providing an assessment of that risk is a key systematic procedure to help ensure that we can reduce electric service interruptions. Through Eocene’s tree risk assessment program, we can identify, assess and prioritize vegetation that may pose an unacceptable level of risk to your assets. Just as your operations are unique, we know your property is as well, so we create customized plans to ensure a successful assessment. We work with you to develop mitigation solutions to reduce the risk to acceptable levels. Any time our team members are working along a railroad, they have completed the Roadway Worker Protection (RWP) training.

Railroad Track Inspection

Assessing risks on railways involves safety, protecting infrastructure and equipment, minimizing trackside fire risk and facilitating inspection of the railroad right-of-way (ROW).

Railroad track inspection and maintenance is essential for safe railroad operation. Protecting infrastructure can involve managing vegetation that could fall and strike trains, block the tracks or damage switches and other equipment.

Our Track Inspection Process

To have complete access to the tracks and surrounding areas, Eocene’s inspections ensure that the area will be clear of trees and vegetation that could impede vehicles. A clear ROW allows easier access for maintenance vehicles, which is important because not everything can be repaired and maintained while on track.

Integrated vegetation management (IVM) helps protect train crews as they are entraining, detraining, switching and performing other responsibilities. Vegetation impeding the track can lead to a fire risk originating from brake-caused sparks, overheated bearings, locomotives and wheels.

Eocene’s command of the general principles of IVM applies to railways. Railway vegetation management is often conducted in zones like those used by electric utilities.

Focused on Safety

Safety is Eocene’s number-one value, and you’ll find this ingrained into our employees because it’s ingrained into our culture. Safety objectives include:

  • Maintaining lines of sight along the ROW for condition inspection.
  • Sign and signal visibility (including nighttime reflective conspicuity).
  • Securing visibility for motorists at public railroad crossings (including those that are unregulated).

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