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Tree Inventory

Let Eocene Environmental Group Provide You the Data to Help Ensure Your Assets Are in Line with Your Goals.

The key to understanding your operation is having a command of your assets.Your tree inventory includes quantities, records of locations and characteristics of various trees – whether those trees are part of a street setting, within a park, on private lands, newly planted or heritage trees. We have employees who work with plants in the specific ecosystems they grow in throughout North America, from east to west and dry to humid.

Having a handle on your tree inventory will allow you to manage your urban forest properly, give you the best chance at keeping track of the services you need and prioritize the projects that your canopy needs the most.

Eocene Environmental Group builds a tree inventory that reflects our professional assessment of your tree population, pairing the latest technology with our experienced team of foresters. Our inventory procedures use approaches that work for you, not against you.

Our Tree Inventory Process

  1. Kickoff meeting and walkthrough:

    Our team conducts a walkthrough of the coverage area to discuss the scope of the project, budget and more. We are ready and equipped to use the system, software and hardware that you already have in place, or we can use our own inventory and assessment software, all while customizing a plan that works best for your program.

  2. Confirm timeline:

    We ensure all steps are identified and mapped out.

  3. Visual assessment:

    We get boots on the ground with a thorough review of the tree itself, site conditions, visible defects and more. We gather tree species, condition, maintenance needs, risks and more.

  4. Assign risk rating and mitigation recommendation:

    We identify the level of your tree risk, from low to moderate, high or extreme. Our team uses the determined risk level to provide recommendations to your team for mitigation and inspection frequency.

  5. Results and report:

    Results and report: We provide a report and data based on your needs. We’ll share those results with you in a consultation where we can help you make future decisions for your areas.

Our Unique Team

Our team exceeds industry standards where it counts. We inventory millions of trees a year with accuracy and precision, allowing us to make informed decisions about your program and, therefore, the long-term success of your urban forest. The methods we use follow industry standards that we know well.

An Eocene employee wearing a bright colored vest and a hard hat measures the circumference of a tree trunk

Let Eocene Environmental Group Help with Your Next Tree Inventory. Contact Us Today!

Investing in a thorough tree inventory is a step toward effective and well-maintained urban forest management. Get started with our tree inventory team today.

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