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Urban Forest Management Plans

Eocene Environmental Group’s Urban Forestry Experts Will Help You Manage Your Trees with Data.

Having a plan is the gateway to understanding your urban forest’s health and potential. Having detailed information, reasonable recommendations and proper resources at the ready allows you to manage your public trees effectively and proactively.

Working with the team at Eocene Environmental Group makes building and implementing this strategic plan easy. We’re the ones who developed the standard benchmarks for creating practical urban forestry management plans, and we have leadership who authored textbooks that include planning models used throughout the industry.

We work with all necessary stakeholders to build a plan that uses data and a key analysis of your program needs. We use this to determine the best path for your urban forest needs when looking at a multi-year schedule. Our process will foster success within your tree program.

Our Urban Forest Management Planning Process

  1. Build the Team

    We identify all key city staff members, elected officials and community stakeholders who share in the plan’s vision and who can provide valuable insight.

  2. Examine the Current State of the Forest

    We look at the existing management practices and tree inventory, complete a canopy analysis and review internal protocols, policies and ordinances.

  3. Involve the Community

    We facilitate discussions and gather input from residents through a variety of approaches, including online surveys, focus groups, webinars and in-person seminars.

  4. Develop the Plan

    We leverage your data, forecast needs, establish priorities, assemble budgets and more.

  5. Implement the Plan

    We make a collaborative effort with your staff, the community and our team.

  6. Monitor the Plan

    We align our experienced team with your goals and track metrics along the way to keep your project on track.

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Eocene customizes our urban forest management plans entirely for your community so we can help you meet your goals. Get your strategic plan in motion with customized management plans for your urban forest.

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