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Utility Vegetation Management Services

Eocene Environmental Group’s Partnership Ensures Best Management Practices and Guidance Meeting Legal and Regulatory Requirements.

Eocene Environmental Group is the premier provider of innovative, economically sensible and environmentally sustainable utility vegetation management (UVM) services. Our team of UVM professionals helps you assess and manage vegetation to develop workable plans and action – whether that’s in a remote area or right in the heart of your community.

We’re committed to quality, and customer service is ingrained into our employee owners and our unique culture. Simply put, we want to help you provide safe and reliable electrical power. Eocene knows that we are only successful through your success.

Forming UVM Partnerships Across North America

Eocene has a rich history working with many of North America’s leading utility companies. We’ve helped transform utility forestry programs, allowing clients to maintain reliable service to their communities by reducing tree-related power outages. Our focus on continual improvement is evident in the work that our consulting utility foresters perform on a daily basis – they take a proactive approach to inspections and auditing, tree risk assessments and research and consulting.

We have worked closely with hundreds of utilities to gain a stronger understanding of their vegetation management programs. That has led to greater analysis of your data, with recommendations that save you time and resources and optimize your workforce. We bring innovation and efficiency to every job. Whether you’re looking for tree inventories, an evaluation of your overall program, a valuation of the scope of your forest or a strategic management plan, we have experienced foresters on staff.

Our Team Members Are Leaders in UVM Expertise

Employees are our greatest asset at Eocene. Our team is among the key players in creating industry standards, regulations and vegetation best management practices — and we’re proud to share our expertise. We want to assist you in achieving compliant, effective and defensible utility vegetation management programs, and we partner with regional and national industry associations in research, environmental stewardship and pilot programs to lead change.

We have consulting and operations teams that are highly regarded in our ever-changing industry, with an authoritative understanding of utility vegetation management best management practices and legal and regulatory requirements. Eocene is committed to continual improvement to use our expertise to enhance your operations and ensure you achieve your goals.

How We Share Our Expertise with Clients

We have designed partnerships to improve clients’ vegetation programs through:

  • Inspection and auditing services along both transmission and distribution power.
  • Tree risk assessments.
  • In-depth research and consulting services.

All of these services are often combined with software and LiDAR solutions. Our expertise goes beyond operations by providing the largest and most comprehensive UVM survey in North America, where we’ve been leveraging the most comprehensive and reliable industry data over the last several decades to transform your program and improve your operations.

An Eocene employee holds a digital tablet that displays a map of a town with environmental data

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