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Share Your Sustainability Story & Improve Your Environmental Impact with Eocene Environmental Group’s Data-Driven Services.

Eocene Environmental Group’s sustainability division is dedicated to showcasing agriculture and the food supply chain as climate solutions and providing innovative services that transform our clients’ success, our communities and the planet.

Our team of diverse agriculture and sustainability specialists includes Ph.D.s, agronomists, environmental scientists, animal scientists and agricultural engineers. We are committed to collectively working with producers and industry leaders to improve their environmental footprint.

Fueled by our passion for sustainability, we provide best-in-class data analysis and quantification services for a complete spectrum of environmental impacts including soil health, water quality, carbon sequestration, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Working Across the Supply Chain – and Across the World

Our sustainability team supports clients as an independent and neutral third party to analyze, understand and communicate their data. Our clientele sits across the supply chain from the farm level to a product’s end-of-life.

We work globally with more than 45 different crop species, including row crops and specialty crops, in addition to livestock systems such as dairy, pork, poultry and beef. Beyond the farm, we serve and benefit a variety of other companies including ingredient manufacturers, food and beverage companies and professional services companies.

Sustainability Services We Offer

Data Analysis & Environmental Quantification

Sustainability Risk Management

Conservation Engineering & Environmental Compliance

Environmental Data Analysis & Quantification

Our EcoPractices® platform provides measurable services for sustainability goals and initiatives all along the supply chain. Services include:

  • Data collection, verification & reporting
  • Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan™ (SCIP)
  • R3™ ROI Tool
  • Data service API
Environmental Data Analysis & Quantification Services

Sustainability Risk Management

We can help you navigate the complex environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting space with services tailored to meet your organization and industry-specific needs, goals and reporting standards. Services include:

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment reports
  • Product Life Cycle Accounting (PLCA)
  • ESG and sustainability support
  • Sustainability questionnaire support
  • Science-based targets initiative (SBTi) support
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) support
  • Animal welfare
Sustainability Risk Management Services

Conservation Engineering & Environmental Compliance

Eocene professionals provide engineering and environmental compliance assistance to meet the producer’s and/or facility’s operational goals. Services include:

  • Conservation engineering
  • Livestock waste/facility management
  • Watershed services
  • Soil, water & waste sampling
Conservation Engineering & Environmental Services

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