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Environmental Data Analysis & Quantification

Eocene Environmental Group’s Best-in-Class Verification & Quantification Platform Provides Data to Support Your Sustainability Goals & Claims.

Eocene Environmental Group’s team will guide you through the complex sustainability landscape by offering personalized services aligned with your goals.

Our environmental quantification services are fueled by our EcoPractices® platform. EcoPractices is an independent platform that provides measurable solutions to help supply chain partners meet their sustainability goals and provide data to support their sustainability initiatives.

As an independent third party, we take pride in providing transparent sustainability data with the sole purpose of improving the environment.

Our Environmental Quantification Services

Having accurate sustainability data reporting and the tools to analyze it is crucial when it comes to operational efficiency and long-term viability. We collect data at the field, operation, product or plant level. Our team communicates with producers throughout the data collection process to ensure the most accurate reporting.

These plans are built using independent third-party data with the goal of giving producers credit for their current sustainability practices while providing science-based short and medium-term goals for improving their environmental impact.

The R3 – Robust, Resilient, Reliable – ROI tool provides farmers and the supply chains they serve with customized data about the financial and environmental benefits of implementing regenerative agriculture practices. This tool serves as a benchmarking and comparison tool which uses farm-specific verified data to show the projected impact of change in farming practices such as manure usage, tillage type and cover crop implementation, allowing farmers to evaluate their specific operations. Using data from our EcoPractices® platform, the R3 ROI tool provides farmers and the supply chains they serve with customized data.

EcoPractices® is a stand-alone quantification platform for clients managing greenhouse gas (GHG)/ecosystem services markets, which issue GHG and/or nutrient offset credits to other companies seeking to offset or reduce their environmental footprint. EcoPractices® assists clients by processing data sent directly from the client, then sends it back using a low-touch, easy-to-use method.

Sustainability data is not just a matter of corporate responsibility. It allows companies to make informed decisions and adapt to changing market dynamics. Our team helps identify, assess and mitigate potential risks related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. We are also able to help companies better understand their environmental impact and develop product-specific emission factors through Product Life Cycle Accounting (PLCA).

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