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Renewable Energy

Find Expert Services for Your Renewable Energy Company at Eocene Environmental Group

Eocene Environmental Group works with a diverse group of renewable energy companies in a variety of capacities. Our experts are able to conduct a wide range of environmental services like inspections, audits, vegetation management and environmental analysis to help your company remain consistent with regulations and reach its sustainability goals.

About Eocene Environmental Group

Ways We Serve Renewable Energy Companies

We provide inspection and auditing services along transmission and distribution corridors that help you prevent emergency outages and keep your assets running smoothly. Our experts will help you find peace of mind by ensuring you can depend on the integrity of your company’s physical infrastructure.

Transmission & Distribution — Inspection & Auditing Services

Renewable energy companies must comply with a number of government rules and regulations. We are able to perform third-party vegetation inspections and audits to help your company identify any areas of noncompliance and find areas in need of improvement.

Compliance Vegetation Inspections and Auditing Services

If your renewable energy company is responsible for managing vegetation, our team of experts is here to assist you in developing a comprehensive plan. We specialize in analyzing geospatial and informational data to enhance the efficiency of your workflow.

Vegetation Management Program Services

Forest management plans are a crucial part of a renewable energy company’s strategy. Our team of experts understands the unique needs of the renewable energy sector and can develop forestry management strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Forestry Management Planning Services

Our tree risk assessment program will focus on fixes for vegetation that poses a threat to your renewable energy company’s infrastructure. Our team will work with you to identify risks, evaluate solutions and form mitigation strategies to preserve your assets.

Read more about our tree risk assessment services for utilities and urban forests.

We regularly work with renewable energy companies on permit applications, plans of development or project descriptions, mitigation plans and more. We use our years of expertise to make the journey smooth at each stage of the process.

Planning and Permitting Services

We’ll work with your company to perform a wide range of analyses and reports. Our services include biological surveys and assessments, compliance inspection, feasibility studies and more.

Environmental Analysis Services

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