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Tree Risk Assessment for Urban Forests

Eocene Environmental Group Will Help You Meet Your Urban Forest Goals Through Proper Planning and Prioritization.

Identifying and mitigating risk is important for public safety and avoiding property damage, and it is of high-level importance when managing urban trees. Detecting and assessing tree defects and structural conditions in the urban canopy is essential to building a proactive approach for your urban forestry management program.

At Eocene Environmental Group, our team of experts who specialize in urban forestry, plant pathology and forest health can help assess risk and provide mitigation recommendations.

Work with Our Highly Skilled & Experienced Team

Hundreds of assessors. Millions of trees. Eocene stands by the work of our skilled and trained professionals who have developed and tested assessment plans. We are acquainted with risks and can help guide your next steps. And how do we know? We helped to craft and test tree risk assessments used throughout the world. We are well-versed in multiple tree risk assessment methods such as the International Society of Arboriculture’s Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) system and USDA Forest Service, and we are adaptable to any approach you need, from rapid visual to advanced assessments.

Our Tree Risk Assessment Process

We can integrate plant selection and site assessment to keep your program healthy. We set the bar for effective and efficient assessments. Our goal is to make sure the communities we serve are safe. We helped create and test tree risk assessments used throughout the world. Our team of over 100 credentialed risk assessors will come to you and help rate your trees for risk.

Our tree risk assessments include:

  1. Risk identification:

    Identifying the tree risk approach that best works for you.

  2. Approach assessment:

    Undertaking the tree assessment approach.

  3. Report and recommendations:

    Providing a report and recommendations.

  4. Routine monitoring:

    We create check-in points and communicate with you as the process unfolds.

Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ)

When you have Eocene as a partner in your urban forest, you’re tapping into employees who have obtained their Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), a voluntary ISA qualification program. Many of our workforce holds their TRAQ. We set the bar for effective and efficient risk assessments.

Want to Work with Eocene Environmental Group’s Experienced Team? Contact Us Today

Incorporating tree risk assessments into your management strategy is a proactive approach to keep everyone safe. Our tree risk assessment services will safeguard your employees and property. Get in touch with our team today to discuss what a tree risk assessment would look like for you.

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