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Our Story

Eocene Environmental Group Has Evolved Over Time, Creating a Strong History of Innovation, Resilience & Commitment to Excellence.

Our team has spent the past two decades providing environmental, utility vegetation management (UVM), software and sustainability services. We are fortunate to be a part of the Wright Service Corp. family, which has helped us establish a strong foundation for continued growth and success.

Through a strategic alignment of values and goals, four Wright Service Corp. entities joined and integrated into one, operating as Eocene Environmental Group. These four entities are:

Why ‘Eocene?’

Our company has broadened its mandate to incorporate the shared value for our planet’s systems into its ethos. Its new name takes inspiration from the Eocene era, known as the “dawn of modern forests.”

Eocene stands for longevity – for a future where ecosystems and our productive relationship with them are in balance. It stands for a new dawn of innovation where dedicated experts can lead change, and for being rooted in history while focusing on the horizon.

Today, with four defined divisions and employees working with nature across North America, Eocene fulfills this promise as a prominent leader in providing environmental stewardship and integrative environmental solutions. Together, we are setting the stage for a future of collaboration with endless possibilities.

Eocene Through the Years


Transcon Environmental

Founded in 1999.
Joined the Wright Service Corp. family of companies in 2021.


CN Utility Consulting

Founded in 1999.

Joined the Wright Service Corp. family of companies in 2007.


Sustainable Environmental Consultants

Founded in 2008.

Joined the Wright Service Corp. family of companies in 2012.


Terra Spectrum Technologies

Founded in 2008

Within the Wright Service Corp family of companies.


Eocene Environmental Group

Founded in 2024.

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