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UVM Research

Use Eocene Environmental Group’s Unparalleled Industry Research to Guide Your Utility Program.

An Eocene employee wearing a bright colored vest and hard hat stands near power lines and an area of trees, entering data into a digital tablet

Vegetation management is a major expense for utilities. For many, it is the single greatest operational budgetary line item. At Eocene Environmental Group, we leverage comprehensive and reliable industry data to transform your program and improve your operations.

Eocene’s utility vegetation management (UVM) industry survey is a clearinghouse for the best information on UVM and provides a comprehensive report of utility vegetation management activities and operations – right at your fingertips. We can also partner alongside your company to create custom surveys that meet the specific needs you have.

UVM Research

Eocene conducts the largest and most comprehensive survey of utility vegetation management in North America. It is a utility company’s best source for comparing its UVM program to those of its peers and serves the industry as a whole by identifying trends, best practices, research and development needs. The survey was designed to quantify details about companies in the industry, along with details of their safety, program management, pruning, integrated vegetation management, electrical operations, storm response and communications. We want our clients to achieve compliant, effective, efficient and defensible UVM programs.

Survey Audience

Eocene surveys a large, diverse sample of utilities, addressing all facets of their programs. Our 2019 study captured the opinions and data of utilities that collectively serve more than 36 million customers and manage 33 million miles of utility lines. The results are published for participants and our clients. Safety is a top priority and something we value at Eocene, and that includes data security. This is why all survey participant identities and opinions are kept confidential.

Full Access to the Survey

The results from our leading UVM survey will help you:

  • Understand the current state of the industry.
  • Use data to make quantitative comparisons.
  • Gain insight into emerging trends.
  • Aid in rate-based arguments.
  • Compare and contrast your program to your peers.
  • Assist in budget validations.
  • Meet stakeholder demands.

Alone, the report is a powerful data tool for your UVM program. When combined with the consultation of our research and development team, it will take your program to the next level. Our team will guide you through the process of leveraging the data to transform your operations and produce measurable results.

In addition to our UVM Survey, we have conducted electrical transmission, distribution and gas pipeline surveys. The data is leveraged to identify trends, best practices and research and development needs. Our research provides information that helps practitioners manage state of the art vegetation management programs.

Additionally, each survey participant can use the data to make quantitative comparisons, aid in rate-based arguments and budget validations.

Looking to gain insight on something additional to our existing reports? We can custom-build a survey to meet your research needs, taking it from start to finish. We will help you craft your survey, deploy it to your desired audience, share responses and provide valuable survey analysis to help you take your program to the next level.

Find Out More About Eocene Environmental Group’s UVM Research Services

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