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Gas & Oil Pipelines

Eocene Environmental Group’s Services for Pipeline Projects.

Eocene Environmental Group has extensive experience working with all stages of pipeline projects. Over the past 20 years, our team has worked on more than 250 projects covering over 2,000 miles of pipeline. From permitting to compliance inspection to vegetation management, we offer comprehensive environmental services to support your pipeline’s construction.

About Eocene Environmental Group

How We Support the Full Life Cycle of a Pipeline

The team at Eocene Environmental Group can perform a range of surveying, planning, environmental analysis and consulting services during the opening stages of a new pipeline project. We work closely with you to conduct tasks like developing management plans, conducting tree inventories and tree risk assessments, performing feasibility studies and Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) and navigating the permitting process.

Our environmental consultants play a critical role in mitigating risks and addressing concerns during the construction phase. We perform environmental analysis and conduct inspections, ensuring the project adheres to guidelines and strives for sustainability.

Once a pipeline is constructed, we focus on restoring the ecosystem where the pipeline was built. Through services like long-term revegetation monitoring, we work to enhance the overall environmental quality of the area.

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