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With Eocene Environmental Group, Leverage High-Quality Software with a Team Committed to Business Solutions.

Eocene Environmental Group is driven to create simple, streamlined and scalable digital solutions for complex environments. Built for a variety of industries, FieldNote is our geospatial data collection software, trusted throughout the industry – and it’s anything but off the shelf.

Innovative Software. Unmatched Service.

When you pair innovative and high-quality software like FieldNote with a team committed to service and support at every level, you receive transformational business solutions, and most importantly, results. And we believe that getting started with new software doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process. FieldNote makes it simple to analyze data and generate reports from the field and, with the push of a button, all the data collected is available for all users to see and analyze simultaneously.

Eocene sees our clients as partners. When we embark on a partnership, we’ll walk you and your team through FieldNote’s onset, integration and launch – and every step in between. When you work with us, you’ll find that you’re working with the most invested and involved partner in the industry.

Here’s How FieldNote Can Help You

We understand that an organization’s workflow is usually a time-tested, successful way to operate. That’s why we developed FieldNote to be easily incorporated into existing systems. We believe you shouldn’t have to change the effective parts of your program to use our software.

FieldNote App

We believe that truly great software should make your job easier and more efficient. So we created software that helps you do your job not get in the way of it.

  • Create Forms
  • Input and Collect Data
  • Build Inspections/Audits
  • Map and Track Assets
  • Track Crew Productivity
  • GIS Mapping
  • Route to New Jobs
  • Assign and Share Work
  • Generate Reports and Timesheets

FieldNote Website

The FieldNote website is the nerve center of your operation. You can create forms, tailor dropdown menus, set default settings and more.

  • Create Workspaces
  • Organize Workgroups
  • Build Your Own Forms
  • Integrate Existing GIS Layers
  • Make and Export Intuitive Reports

We’re Ready to Partner with You

Eocene backs up our partnership with strategic consultation, ongoing support, security and hosting, implementation and onsite training. Learn more about the support services we offer FieldNote users here.

Our Support Services

FieldNote Pricing

(Billed Annually)

The First 1-50 Licenses

$ 1,495.00 / License

The Next 51-100 Licenses

$ 1,345.00 / License
10% savings on each license after the purchase of the first 50.

The Next 101+ Licenses

$ 1,195.00 / License
20% savings after the purchase of the first 100.

Ready to Try FieldNote? Contact Eocene Environmental Group

Want to learn more? Start the process today by reaching out for a demonstration or consultation. Our team of experts is at the ready to share how FieldNote can offer solutions for your company.

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