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Forest Management

At Eocene Environmental Group, We Know Proper Forest Management Doesn’t Happen by Accident.

An Eocene employee wearing a bright vest and hard hat stands in a grove of trees and enters data on a digital tablet in his hands

Your forest is a living, breathing entity that requires strategic thought and guidance. Proper forest management begins with a custom approach and the knowledge that every recommended plan needs to be developed and adjusted to suit the needs of each client and their changing objectives. But regardless of your objectives, managing forests evolves with the forest itself.

An Experienced Team Providing Comprehensive Forest Management

Eocene Environmental Group’s diverse experience allows us to provide an integrated line of management services so that together we can oversee the health and growth of your forests. Our services encompass all aspects of true forestry management. We have been involved in forest management projects from the onset to the final stages, and we’re able to take our experience and customize it to your unique forest acquisition plan.

If you’re a utility working to build infrastructure, Eocene is here to fully evaluate your forest, assign a valuation to the forest and then provide you with a comprehensive forest management plan.

An Eocene employee measures the circumference of a tree trunk in a forested area

Our Services

We can be involved in the early stages of acquiring land that suits your needs and goals, because we know the right land is the first step to setting your forest up for success. From timber cruising to writing management plans, we ensure that we have accurate and up to date information on tree sites, volumes and quantities.

Our services include:

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