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Our Leadership

Osmer Beck

Vice President, Environmental

Osmer Beck joined the Transcon Environmental team, our now environmental division, in 2010 and currently serves as a vice president within the division. In this position, Osmer works closely with operations while overseeing both employees and projects within the environmental division. He has held many roles and responsibilities within the company including environmental planning, geographic information system (GIS), visual resources, technology development, compliance inspection, reclamation monitoring and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) consultation. 

Osmer grew up on a farm in Utah and attended Brigham Young University-Idaho where he earned a bachelor’s degree in integrated studio art and a minor in natural resources. He continued his education at Utah State University, earning a master’s degree in landscape architecture and environmental planning. The first full-time planner hired on our team, Osmer has always been passionate about finding and developing effective and efficient ways to help our clients achieve success. 

In his free time, Osmer enjoys gardening, landscaping, nature photography, being in the mountains or desert and spending time with family.

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