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Our Leadership

Richard Hauer, Ph.D.

Director of Urban Forestry – Forestry & Utility

Richard Hauer joined CNUC, now the forestry and utility division, in 2022 with over three decades of experience in the urban forestry industry. He currently serves as the director of urban forestry for Eocene Environmental Group. 

As an early career professional, Richard gained experience as a practicing arborist and urban forestry consultant. These experiences later resulted in overseeing the Shade Tree Program in Minnesota. He has a doctorate in urban and community forestry capacity building and served as a professor of urban forestry for two decades at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he remains professionally active. Richard has served as president of the Arboricultural Research & Education Academy, Minnesota Society of Arboriculture and Wisconsin Arborist Association, as well as chaired many professional and academic committees. He is active in the development and publication of urban forestry research with over 200 publications, including co-author of the Urban Forestry: Planning and Managing Urban Greenspaces textbook. Richard also currently holds the associate editor position for the Journal Urban Forestry & Urban Greening and speaks regularly at local and international conferences with over 500 professional engagements. 

Outside of his day job, Richard enjoys spending quality time outdoors, hiking and exploring with his family. He also works actively with his spouse on their small farm in central Wisconsin. They are proud of developing an operation that is run by the sun through renewable energy sources from wood heat, solar thermal and solar electrical photovoltaic systems integrated into their lifestyle.

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