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Custom Onsite Software Deployment Training Specific to LUMA Energy

This article was originally published prior to the founding of Eocene and the information included here represents events and news that occurred under our company subsidiaries. 

December 18, 2023

By Nathan Jones, Director, Integrated Services

Eocene Environmental Group, in partnership with LUMA Energy, expanded its service offerings and their geographical footprint by deploying FieldNote in the territory of Puerto Rico in July 2022. LUMA Energy, based out of the city of San Juan, is focused on providing its customers with reliable electrical energy and transforming the system that powers every home, business and corner of Puerto Rico.

FieldNote, a software preferred by vegetation management professionals, was selected and brought on by LUMA Energy to conduct vegetation management operations, including capturing locations, tracking assets, building inspections and audits, and tracking crew completions and productivity. 

Prior to deployment and throughout the partnership, Eocene’s technology and innovation division traveled to +-line that spans across 165,000 square miles of territory, with over 200 licenses deployed on the property. On average, Eocene collects over 900 data points monthly for LUMA Energy, providing them with the knowledge to make informed decisions, and be proactive and dynamic within their operations.